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Information about the Rough Ridge Fire in the Cohutta Wilderness Area

There is a lot of good information about the Rough Ridge Fire in the Cohutta Wilderness Area available. We want to help you to easily find this information.


First and foremost. There is limited danger to life or occupied property in our area
and current weather forecasts show favorable conditions headed our way

Several members of  the Chamber of Commerce, local authorities and the Blue Ridge Lodging Association visited the Command Center this week and the information presented was very informative.

The fire in the Cohuttas is referred to as a “creeper”, which is just like a controlled burn, it does not have the high flames like we are seeing in the pictures of the Nantahala Gorge and Lake Lure. They have it under control and they are just mopping (keeping leaves raked away from lines they made) they have done intentional burns on the edges, to keep the fire contained.

Helpful information and links.

INCIWeb – Incident Information Center provides pictures and detailed information about the fire.

Air quality – The air we breath is important. According to INCIWeb air quality in Blue Ridge, Ga has been moving between GOOD,  MODERATE and HEALTH HAZARD FOR SENSITIVE INDIVIDUALS. Air quality based on wind direction. Here is a link that describes how air quality is measured. The INCIWEb link above also has current air quality measurements.
Basic info:
Current and forecast Air Quality: 

Weather – Look at the wind direction. Any day with a west, north west or a south west wind direction is favorable to Blue Ridge, McCayesville, Ellijay and Blairsville areas.

Downtown Blue Ridge Webcam – Check out a webcam that is streaming live from downtown. You can see in real time what it looks like outside. Note, early morning can be foggy.

The  group that visited the command and control center felt tremendously better after visiting. There is an experienced and dedicated crew working around the clock to manage this situation.

If you are thinking about changing your travel dates or plans to visit this area you should contact the lodging provider you have made arrangements with directly. Be sure to review any agreements or company policies prior to contacting them.

Any new updates will be posted on this page.